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In light of recent events, I wanted to make a couple of statements about plagiarism as it applies to the three TS comms that I maintain (ts_fresh_air, ts_news, and ts_secret_santa).

1) Some questions have come up about my intentions regarding the comms and removing fic, recs, etc. Do you go just for the stuff you know to be plagiarized, or do you do a full-scale sweep? I am taking the latter approach, and am in the process of removing items.

2) While I know that nothing I do can *prevent* plagiarism, I want it to be very clear in my comms what the repercussions of being found out will be. I have added the following note to the User Info for each of the comms:
Plagiarism Protocol: I never expected to need to worry about plagiarism, and it certainly never occurred to me that it would become personal. However, having been through one incident spanning (at least) two of my comms, I feel it appropriate to make a very clear statement about plagiarism up front for all my comms. (This applies to ts_fresh_air, ts_news, and ts_secret_santa.) It's pretty straightforward, actually: I have a zero-tolerance policy.

That doesn't just mean "don't do it" -- everyone knows that, and if you are the sort of person who is going to steal another author's work, my telling you no isn't going to stop you. More important is that it means if a person is found to have plagiarized -- any fandom, any volume, any pseudonym -- that person will be removed in any and every way appropriate to the comm. Fic posted directly to the comm will be taken down, fic announcements & links will be removed, recs to fic will be removed, and I reserve the right to remove anything else that I deem to make reference to the person's work -- regardless of whether the fic being posted/linked/rec'd is actually found to be plagiarized. Think of it as a 'one strike and you're out' policy.

Thank you for your understanding. -- ainm, May 2010
I hope that we are all of the same mind about these issues, but never is any group all of the same mind. :-) If you disagree with my approach, feel free to comment, but understand that at the moment, the chances of my being convinced I'm wrong are slim to none -- maybe next week. :-/

Cross-posted to ts_fresh_air, ts_news, and ts_secret_santa

Love Me Ginger--Trixxanna--Slash

Title: Love Me Ginger
Author: Trixxanna
Genre: slash
Rating: FMAO
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Size: 25K
Summary: Blair is in a holiday downer when he receives a care package from a long time friend. Can cookies bring you true love?
Location: http://www.mymongoose.com/holidays4/trix.htm
Date Archived: 12-17-2009
Why this is worth reading: This is a wonderful story about an old recipe that is supposed to bring you true love. Or is it, bring love to the one that eats it? Either way, a friend of Blair sends him the ingredients and the instructions and Blair bakes his way to Jim's heart. It's a lovely story and a great story idea. :)

Hot Chocolate--Escargoat--Slash

Title: Hot Chocolate
Author: Escargoat
Genre: slash
Rating: FMAO
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Size: 4K
Summary: Plans? Who needs stinking plans?
Location: http://www.mymongoose.com/holidays4/esc.htm
Date Archived: 12-17-2009
Why this is worth reading: This is hot, sexy and just plain dreamy. I loved every single word of it. A must read. :)
Title: In Search of a Peaceful Heart
Author: Alyjude and Jyllean
Genre: slash
Rating: FMAO
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Size: 34K
Summary: Holidays and parents. Why isn't it easier? Sometimes you need a little help from the love of your life.
Location: http://www.mymongoose.com/holidays4/janda.htm
Date Archived: 12-17-2009
Why this is worth reading: I don't want to give everything away, but the summary says most of what I would want to say anyhow. It's a great story.

A Day in Holiday Hell--Trixxanna--slash

Title: A Day in Holiday Hell
Author: Trixxanna
Genre: slash
Rating: FMAO
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Size: 35K
Summary: If you can survive the trials of hell, you might get a taste of Heaven.
Location: http://www.mymongoose.com/holidays4/trix2.htm
Date Archived: 12-17-2009
Why this is worth reading: Do you need a laugh or two or ten? Then this is the fic for you. It's filled with all the things that could go wrong in a day for Jim Ellison. It's funny, I promise.

Unexpected--by ainm--

Title: Unexpected
Author: ainm
Genre: slash
Rating: FMAO
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Size: 9K
Summary: More startling than the unanticipated December time off is what Blair wants to do with it.
Location: http://www.mymongoose.com/holidays4/ainm.htm
Date Archived: 12-17-2009
Why this is worth reading: The thing I most like about this story is Jim actually listens to what Blair is thinking and feeling. Ainm is so good at describing NY that it's like being there. It's a wonderful Christmas story. You'll be glad you read it. :)

The Snow Globe by Debbie Stone

Title: The Snow Globe
Author: Debbie Stone
Genre: Pre Slash
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Size: 6045 words
Summary: Blair finds the perfect Christmas gift for Jim.
Location: http://stoneygirl77.livejournal.com/8598.html
Why this is worth reading: Blair finds the perfect Christmas gift for Jim and has a secret to tell him. Will Blair have time to share both with Jim before time runs out? Check it out and read what happens when Jim thinks he's run out of Christmases with Blair. Click on the link below.

First, I want to wish everyone out there in Sentinel world a wonderful, happy and loving holiday season as well as my best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

Kerensa-Bossy Babe-Slash-Bottom Jim

Title: Bossy Babe
Author: Kerensa
Genre: Slash Warning: Bottoming Jim.
Rating: FMAO
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Size: 22K Short
Summary: Jim finds out he really likes a bossy Blair.
Location: http://www.mymongoose.com/majb2/ker1.htm
Date Archived: 12-17-2009
Why this is worth reading: Do you like a bossy Blair? Do you like a bottoming Jim? If you answered yes to both, then this story is for you. It'll make you smile and it'll make you hot. It might be short, but it's hot, hot, hot.

Ankaree-Then You Look at Me-Slash

Title: Then You Look at Me
Author: Ankaree
Genre: Slash Warnings: AU meeting.
Rating: FMAO
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Size: 53K Medium
Summary: When Blair is taken in for questioning about his affiliation with a drug gang who set up shop in the warehouse space next to his, he's immediately attracted to the handsome detective in charge of the investigation.
Location: http://www.mymongoose.com/majb2/ank.htm
Date Archived: 12-17-2009
Why this is worth reading: I really like Ankaree's work. She's very easy to read and you leave happy and content knowing the boys are well. It's no different with this story. It's a different meeting, making it a sort of AU story, but it's really good. Check it out and see if you agree.

LilyK-Visions in Time-Slash

Title: Visions in Time
Author: LilyK
Genre: Slash
Rating: FMAO Warnings: Angst, angst and angst.
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Size: 103K Long
Summary: Blair's strange visions seems to be linked to a physical problem from which he is currently suffering, but he is relucant to treat the condition as the visions are giving him clues about their current case, the kidnapping of two young girls.
Location: http://www.mymongoose.com/majb2/kat.htm
Date Archived: 12-17-2009
Why this is worth reading: I found the storyline to be most interesting. I can't remember reading anything quite like it. Will Blair stop the visions and lose the chance of finding the girls that are missing? There is a lot of angst in this story, but a lot of comfort also. Check it out, it's a fine read.